Buckwheat Groats

The superfood grain


Crop Tote Buckwheat Groats are considered
by many as the “Superfood” grain, free of
chemicals, full of easily digestible proteins,
and a good substitute for fat in many processed
foods. Our 1-pound bag comes bursting with
powerful nutrients and antioxidants that provide
tremendous health benefits for the whole family
to enjoy.


  • High in fiber

  • Cholesterol-lowering effects

  • Improves blood pressure levels

  • Full of amino acids and antioxidants

  • Supplies important vitamins and minerals

  • Helps prevent diabetes & digestive disorders​

From field to Fork

  • Our Buckwheat is planted and harvest in North Dakota, USA. The various climates and its wide range of soil
    conditions makes North Dakota one of the most productive places in United States to plant Buckwheat as a
    full season crop.

  • Our milling and processing include strict hygienic and safety practices during harvesting, storage and transport, this helps us prevent the risk of cross contamination.

  • Each tote bag is taken to a specialized 3rd party facility, where we integrate state of the art technology to clean and process our crop.

  • Our commitment to meet the highest standards of safety and quality is achieved by conducting routinely product inspections, logged process monitoring and bringing along food scientist and experts to oversee our milling process

Product Applications

Our versatile Crop Tote oats are a popular ingredient in:

  • Snacks 

  • Dessert 

  • Nutrition Bars

  • Breakfast Cereals

  • Baking

  • Salads

Product characteristics

Get inspired by our tasty and healthy 

Texture: Soft and creamy
Color: light-colored seeds
Flavor: Mild while raw, may be increased by roasting the kernel


  • Ingredient declaration: 100% Buckwheat Groats

  • No added flavors/color

  • No components from an animal source



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