When was Crop Tote founded

We were founded by bunch of young professionals in California in 2015


Where are our Products Sourced?

Our crops are harvested from the states of California, Michigan, North Dakoda and Oregon.


How do I cook beans?

Pour rinsed beans to the pot and add 5 cups of water for every cup of beans. Bring the water to a boil and reduce the heat to a low simmer. Let the beans cook between 1-2 hours until the form is tender but not mushy. For best results: A pinch of patience - before cooking, let the beans soak overnight in the refrigerator. Note: One pound of dry beans makes about five cups of cooked beans, equivalent to about 3 cans of canned beans.

Also beans increase in size about two and half times after cooking, which we should bear in mind when meal planning


Oven tip: When cooking beans in the oven, be sure to add sufficient water or liquid, otherwise the dampness left from soaking evaporates and the beans harden.


How long should I soak dry Crop Tote beans?

There are  two ways to options: quick hot soak or overnight cold soak (recommended)

  • Hot Soak: Cover beans with water and boil for two minutes. Cover pot; soak for one to four hours. Discard soaking water; cover beans with fresh water and two tablespoons of oil and cook. (Oil reduces foaming during the cooking process.)


  • Cold Soak: Cover one pound of dry beans with six cups of room-temperature water and allow to soak overnight (12 hours or more). Discard soaking water; cover beans with fresh water and two tablespoons of oil before cooking. Oil reduces foaming during the cooking process. After soaking overnight, try one of our delicious recipes.


My recipe calls for Pinto Beans but can I substitute a different bean?

Generally, you may substitute one type of bean for most other beans. However, some beans, such as black beans, may add a slightly different taste and color


If I microwave my beans will they cook faster?

No. Microwaving doesn’t reduce the cooking time for dry beans. It usually takes 60 to 90 minutes to reach maximum and uniform tenderness with this method


How long can I store dry beans?

Dry beans keep up to a year in an airtight container in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight. During storage, beans may either absorb or lose moisture, which will affect the soaking and cooking time. If stored longer than 12 months, or exposed to unfavorable storage conditions, beans may never soften sufficiently, no matter how long they’re soaked or cooked. On the other hand, some beans can cook up tender after years of storage.


How long can I keep cooked beans?

Keep hot dishes at temperatures above 140 degrees F. and cold dishes at less than 40 degrees F. Store cooked beans in sealed containers for up to three days in the refrigerator and several weeks or even months in the freezer due to their high-protein and low-acid features.


What is the product life for grains, nuts and beans?

All the produce should be stored in dry cool place to maintain their optimum quality. Here are some tips for you:

  • Grains are their best to be consumed within a year until the nutrition content starts to diminish

  • Beans are their best for first two years

  • Nuts should be consumed within a year

Note: the product life maybe be prolonged by freezing


How do I prepare oats?

Bring 1 cup of water (or low-fat-milk), with a pinch of salt, to boil. stir in ½ cup of Crop Tote Oats and reduce heat to medium; cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat, cover and let your taste buds wait for 2-3 minute before serving.


What is the best way of storing Crop Tote products?

We recommend storing all our products in clean, cool and dry place


What does the ‘best before’ code mean on my package?

The "BEST BEFORE" code that appears on our packages indicates when the product should be used by for optimal freshness. Items beyond their recommended shelf life are safe to consume but may experience slight changes in flavor, color or nutritional value.


What size packaging do we do?

We currently stock our products in standard 1lb bags in addition we can deliver Crops in 50lb, 100lb and 2000lb Tote Bags

Can we deliver in bulk?

YES, we also deliver in bulk. Please contact us and we are happy to assist.


What other products can we provide?

We are constantly sourcing new crops. Please contact us for requests.


How do I contact Customer Support?

You may contact Customer Support via ‘Contact Us‘ LINK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



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