Welcome to Our Pantry 

We are a Californian family of young professionals who are passionate delivering nature's highest quality crops to our valued and health conscious friend. 

Our Tote bag contains hand-picked crops from local US growers that have gone through rigid quality control measures to deliver safe, green and high quality natural harvests from our family to yours. 

All Natural Selection 

Our Tote Story begins with our farmers who have years of expertise planting and harvesting their crops with tender loving care. All of our products are grown and processed in North America, mainly in the United States. It is our commitment to bring the best that nature can provide all the way from our farms to your table.

We are a Californian family of young professionals who are passionate about delivering the nature’s highest quality crops to our valued and health conscious friends. 

Our tote story start with our farmers who have grown their crops with tender loving care. We are growing from humble beginnings into an international boutique, bringing into harmony our passion for fresh food, compassion for animals and the environment. from our family to yours.



Our mission begins with a tote on the road. By roaming across North America, we embark on a journey from the sunny fields of California, to the Rocky Mountains of North Dakota, to the Great Lakes of Michigan to find the nature’s finest crop. Our selection process is based on highest standards of food safety to ensure healthy, nutritious and tasty crops for your family to enjoy!

Crop Selection

ALL of our crops are grown in North America. 

Crop Tote is a proud supporter of USA Agricultural Development.

Quality Control

Crop Tote milling and processing standards surpass the strictest food and safesty practices during harvest and transport in order to prevent any cross contamination. Each tote bag is taken to a specialized facility where we integrate state-of-the-art technology to clean and process each crop to comply with USDA food safety standards.  

Our commitment to surpass the highest standards  is achieved by conducting systematic quality inspections along with food scientist and experts who oversee each step until crops reach the packaging facility.

Crop Meets Tote

Processing plant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. 






At the end of the journey, our specially designed Crop Tote bag includes a resealable zipper and protective inner-layer-coating that will ensure a long lasting freshness. At Crop Tote we make sure you can enjoy our harvest with confidence knowing that it is guaranteed to be the finest, healthiest and most delightful treat on your table. 



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