Small Red Beans

Triple Cleaned


Do not let the size fool you, these small red beans are a true power-house with antioxidant punch and vitamin kick. After planting they undergo strict farming and milling processes, resulting in premium quality beans with exceptional nutritional value to your family’s diet.


Our red beans bean has everything inside to grow a plant on its own which makes it not only a nutritious and healthy food source, but also a versatile ingredient.



  • Packed with more antioxidants than wild blueberries

  • High levels of folate, magnesium and potassium

  • Good source of fiber, protein and vitamins

  • Help to lower cholesterol levels due to the large amount of fiber

  • Source of vitamin B1:

    • stimulates attention and memory

    • eliminate insomnia

    • combat depression

    • fatigue and anxiety

    • and lowers Alzheimer's risks.

From field to fork

America is by far the world leader in quality bean production. The equipment used for harvesting is the most modern and technically advanced in the world. Our small red beans are harvested from the finest native farms of Michigan where they have:

  • been planted in well drained and mineral rich soil

  • matured in ideal conditions to germinate

  • use of natural pesticides

  • centuries of bean growing tradition

  • cut and collected from the ground with specially designed harvester

  • transferred to the processing plants for cleaning where foreign material and broken beans are removed.


  • After first cleaning, beans go through rigorous quality control, conditioning and polishing to bring triple cleaned beans, the highest quality possible to satisfy the pickiest pallets

Product characteristics

Visual: Dark red color 

Aroma: Earthy

Flavor: Subtle with less of a "beany" taste than other beans. Firm texture

Products applications

Small red beans pick up the flavors of whatever you cook them with, making them very versatile for soups, stews and chili.


Get inspired by our tasty and healthy 


• Ingredient declaration: 100% small red beans
• No artificial colors / flavors
• No components from an animal source




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